Hakimian (Gachala) It had been years since Troy had fucked Aubrey.
McCumbers (Pendembu) There was no way she could take her son's huge dick, he would rip her apart.
Novelly (San Francisco) But Shaun did not care.
Billue (Iroikon) He slid his penis in gradually at first.
Claucherty (Harrismith) He continued to lubricate his dick with his mom's juices and then began to thrust it in and out of her pubic hair.
Fried (Batavia) Her son filled her entire pussy, it felt like he would pop out of her ass.
Mule (Wath upon Dearne) Her eyes had rolled all the way back to her head and her mouth was wide open.
Finwall (Rassypnoye) You like it, you like it!
Memo (Mihla) How you like that big dick! Aubrey's juices were once again flowing.
Xue (Usta Muhammad) It was clear she had given in.
Sheridan (Shouguang) She was raising her ass off the ground to meet her son's thrusts.
Sparhawk (Bengtsfors) Within seconds, Shaun had shot his load into his mom's hairy snatch.
Sieverding (Fairlight) She was easily able to handle him now, her cunt was dripping wet.
Lovasz (Collinsville) She tossed her head back and began to moan out load.
Eisinger (Hurlock) Heather was too turned on not to join the action.
Massman (Hamilton) She took her mom's heavy hanger and began to eagerly suck on her nipple!
Pogozelski (Tordesillas) Heather sucked her own mom's flabby tits!
Metheney (Sao Bras de Alportel) The passion was too great.
Gibbs (Khorol') Exhausted and tired, she collapsed on to her son's chest while her daughter massaged her ass and thighs.
Raque (Garachico) Then we headed for the bedroom because we both knew why I was there.
Ellars (Mystic) When she raised her arms, I pulled the sweater off over her head and unhooked her bra.
Ahumada (Vilches) After I removed her bra, Vivian's pretty breasts, large and shapely with big, black nipples spilled out.
McCaffree (Peyrat-le-Chateau) Next, I unzipped and pulled down Vivian's pants, leaving her wearing panties in a tiger pattern.
Klas (Izvestkovyy) I left her socks on because they would serve a function later, but she was otherwise naked.
Andary (Budelsdorf) She has dark brown skin and soft, black, shoulder length hair but her prettiest feature is her smile.
Wingeier (Mulazzano) She was smiling then because she was enjoying what I had done so far, and expected to enjoy what I would be doing.
Commerford (Cizer) I was still fully dressed and I would undress myself later, after everything else was ready.
Nanfito (Puyloubier) When Vivian bought her furniture, she bought this style of bed for this purpose.
Reategui (Raymond Terrace) The blindfold would be used later.
Alcon (Belaya) I took hold of Vivian's ankles and pulled her down the bed so the ropes holding her wrists had no slack.
Dunne (Reinsdorf) The knots were tied tightly and Vivian knows enough to periodically check her circulation by wiggling her fingers and toes.
Bourassa (Hypoluxo) If the knots became too tight, I would untie or loosen them.
Briddick (Zagyvarekas) With Vivian tied to the bed, I undressed and got on the bed beside her.
Ewelike (Lynchburg) She smiled at me as I held one of her lovely globes in either hand and started licking the dark, almost black nipples.
Lakhan (Kot Ghulam Muhammad) After several minutes on the first nipple, I switched my attentions to the other second one and licked it the same way.
Hossain (Algete) While I sucked, my tongue caressed her nipple and traced the dark circle around it.
Boswink (Teplice nad Metuji) Her nipple was erect by now and Vivian's purring was louder.
Osvaldo (Foresto Sparso) She enjoyed watching my very white mouth sucking on her very dark breasts and she especially liked the way it felt.
Brake (Meppel) Once I reached that point, I got up and went to get the blindfold.
Dimare (Marciac) After using saliva to lubricate the middle finger of my right hand, I pulled open the sphincter of Vivian's rosebud.
Curles (Svobody) While holding it open with the fingers of my left hand I slipped the middle finger in place.
Dobert (Jumilhac-le-Grand) As I fucked it in and out a few times, Vivian squirmed in delight, while tugging on her bonds, and her purring got louder.
Maccarone (Praid) I devoured all the juices, savoring their delicious taste and fragrance.
Gadsden (Sawtell) Beautiful as it is, and delightfully fragrant as it is, the taste of Vivian's pussy is the best part.
Neiswonger (Vinita) That, and the texture of her smooth lips as I probed between them.
Poisso (Buea) Her purring was steady and would soon become moans, and her pussy was still producing its delicious juices.
Creglow (Zuerich (Kreis 2)) The reaction was immediate.
Brammell (Fryazino) There are signs I recognize and Vivian hadn't gone through all the stages yet.
Gibson (Wiederstedt) The muscles in her ass clenched around my finger and I could no longer move it in or out or even to pull it loose.
Weil (Le Bosc-Roger-en-Roumois) She tried, though, and I could feel her straining at the ropes that held her, but they remained tight.